Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Time For Me Now Weekly Inspiration-Flow


  The saying: “Going with the Flow”
Letting go, roll with the punches, no stress or perhaps no direction.
Flow for inspiration is a process for letting go, let happen and let the experience transcend you into a different perspective.
Everyday there are situations or events that each of us attempts to control, to change, to go into the direction that we think it needs to go, however despite our attempts or focus it just gets harder for us. The result or outcome is very seldom what was anticipated.
Ever try to swim against the waves? Ever try to paddle upstream against the rapids? Did it take a lot of effort?Did you get to where you wanted to be?If you made it, Congratulations- Did you enjoy the process?Was the experience effortless, enjoyable with the opportunity to see the beauty in the process?
Was the experience after all that effort not realized, not what was expected or perhaps had the opposite result?
The personal collateral realized was fatigue, stress, disappointment, frustration or maybe even anger!
There are many times when I ask myself, “Why is this so hard”? Then I answer myself: “It shouldn’t be this hard if this is the right course”.
So I check myself- asking: “Is what I am doing or the actions/path that I am taking serving me and my outcome?
Perhaps there is a different solution, maybe I need to bring in resources or maybe I am trying too hard!
Action?  I breathe, breathe deeply and “Let Go”….. That’s right “Let Go”….  I let go of the anticipated result.
I stop trying so hard and take a break, whether a few minutes, few hours or even days. Then I revisit the situation, only this time from a perspective of adjusting to the action rather than trying to adjust the action itself.
Focus only on what you can control and flow with the rest
Amazing things begin to happen. Try it!
So consider this, stop trying to control every aspect of your life, delegate, and stop being self critical, stop being judgmental or thinking it has to be this way.
Begin by being grateful for the opportunity and appreciate the position you are in; if possible allow yourself to receive and accept support from others!
Flow with life and all that life has to offer you.