Thursday, August 25, 2011

Time For Me Now Inspiration ~ Dreams

“Dreams are the Gateway”:
So fling open the door and embrace all the beautiful opportunities and possibilities that are yours to enjoy!
Lately, it seems that the conversations, questions, email marketing and clients are talking about or surrounded by the word Dreams!
Dreams – the definition of “Dream” means something different for each person.
“Having the dream job”, “Dream of owning a business”, “Finding the Dream Partner”, “Building my Dream Home” or “Achieving my Dreams”.
These are great examples of an aspiration, a longing to achieve what the dream is within each of us. All wonderful descriptions for the person who is dreaming of attaining their Goal!
Dreams also take a totally different definition through different variations of techniques. Let’s take the most obvious way of dreaming. Nighttime Dreaming!
Nighttime Dreaming is a series of sensations, images, emotions felt, and images that occur during certain stages of sleep. Dreams can also be experienced in length as well as just impressions left as images.
Where do these images or emotions come from? Is there a hidden meaning? Was it something I ate prior to going to sleep? Excellent questions!
First and foremost, the dreams are coming from deep within you!  That’s right, the images, emotions or scenes being played out are being played out to support, guide and provide direction. Yes, these dreams can also be a source in supporting your efforts to attain your “Dream …….”.  
Our Soul, the energy source of life, knows the truth: “The Soul Loves the Truth”…. When sleeping our “mind chatter” is quiet, there is no ego deflecting our creative thoughts or keeping us from success.  
Time for me now to suggest:
*       Keep a journal or paper/pen on your nightstand
*       Record time, images, feeling of the dream
*       Specific Images? Sitting on a staircase, notice top, bottom, middle; alone or someone with you?
o    In a house? Which room?
o    Images of nature, birds, dragons, animals; just there or what action is taking place?
*       Record each evening and then go back to review, is there a pattern?
Each position, each image, each activity has a meaning that is trying to send a message. So what is that message?
First and foremost, don’t be afraid! 
 Embrace the dream time as the answers that you are seeking or messages to get back on path!

Confused about the imagery or perhaps want to learn how to interpret your dreams? Click on the email for more information or to ask a question. It would be my pleasure to connect with you!

"Dream, Believe Again and Achieve all the You Desire"