Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Time For Me Now Inspiration - Success

Success, what does that actually mean?  Do you measure it? What does it feel like?
Let’s see, a few years ago, actually a lot of years ago, getting a degree and holding that diploma meant Success! Then came landing my first real paying job with benefits!  Now that was a major success!
Over the years Success has evolved to mean many things, mostly a mind-set. There are many successes each day, some bigger than others. The feeling of success in reaching a goal, exceeded expectations of a client or learning a new skill still gets me really jazzed up.  Success propels motivation!
I have evolved to understand, especially the past three years, that success is also found in everyday life. Life as we knew through the 80’s and 90’s no longer exists. For some, that is a good thing, for most, it was definitely a shift in mindset and lifestyle. Success results from our inner wisdom and having control of ourselves, our space and our thoughts.
Congratulate yourself on your Success!
Success comes in various dimensions and in some of the smallest of feats.
So each day an accomplishment becomes a success. Should a circumstance, event or situation happen, assess and learn from this experience! Apply the lessons to propel your motivation toward getting where or what you want! Don’t get discouraged! Each minor victory is a reason to celebrate as you move closer to your goals, dreams and all that you desire in your life!
Success also gives so many gifts and blessings when we continue to stay in activity and move forward.
So how do you measure success? One step at a time!
Time for me now to remind you to celebrate each Success and to keep moving to all your desires!
“A terrace nine stories high begins with a pile of earth”   Lao-tzu