Wednesday, March 14, 2012


The most interesting associations or ideas typically make themselves known to me when taking a shower or while dreaming. This association came while enjoying a nice hot shower!
Excited for Daylight Savings time I decided to anticipate the new time with exfoliating!  My thought was new time schedule might as well start with a good ole exfoliation of the skin! Seemed like a good idea and knew I would feel invigorated and clean! Feeling clean is always a good thing!

As the warm water flowed over my body rinsing the scrub off my body, I marveled at just how smooth and silky my skin felt. The water flowing off the skin just rolled with ease leaving a shimmer shine that felt fresh, nourishing and invigorating.
Then the association hit me like a fire hose pointed at flames to extinguish a raging fire!

Exfoliating removes dead skin cells thus proving the skin a silky smooth surface able to receive oxygen more freely and creates a wonderful glow. So I begin to think about exfoliating and associating this with our hearts and lives.
Each event, each day, each life experience we have experienced leaves behind emotions within us. These emotions can bring happiness, sadness, fear, courage and based on our response to our emotions can put up a layer of defense. A barrier to keep us from getting hurt or perhaps suppress our responses and emotions down so far that they are buried and covered with a layer of invisible film that may be perceived as protection.

So I wondered, do we look inward enough to release all the built up emotions that have accumulated over time that are just sitting within us? These built up layers that deter each of us from living life to the fullest and hinder our desires to move forward and experience all that life has to offer.
Feeling a little clogged, tired or in the holding pattern of life unable to move forward in life?

Time for me now to suggest: Exfoliating our hearts and mind

·         Each morning for the next week take five minutes each to be silent. During this time be gentle with yourself. With each breath think of an “I AM” phrase that begins to exfoliate all that is blocking to open your heart, fill it with love, respect and confidence within you!
I Am loved, I Am Confident, I AM Living, I AM Healthy, I AM full of Energy, I AM beautiful, I AM Forgiveness, I AM Abundant, I AM__________

“ Affirming that I AM exfoliating out the old to awaken and welcome me to all possibilities”cl