Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our light shines brightly!

"Glowing Bright and Strong through our New Growth"
Today is a very special day as it is my Mother’s Birthday!

Celebrating this day for the beautiful life, friendship and unconditional love that she has given to me, my siblings and my father! Her garden was planted many years ago and her nurturing, love and radiant self continues to bloom and shine brightly after all these years. “Happy Birthday Mom”

This is also a day that some people look forward to with passion and exhilaration! Believe it or not there are some people who actually do not get excited about cold weather, snow and gray cloud covering.

So for those folks, who love winter, enjoy the season activities while the last few remnants of winter linger. Enjoy fearlessly and capture every moment possible that brings you happiness and joy!

Fling open the windows, begin to plan the garden and plant those seeds! Planting seeds at the turn of the New Year are also beginning to take shape for the goals or planned preparation!
As in any planting there needs to be time and attention given to what is expected to blossom and flourish.

So I asked myself recently, have I been tending to my seeds of vision? Have I been staying in activity?

1. Ponder those questions for yourself as you review your garden grid for 2012.
2. Place a check next to those items that you have tended over the past three months.
3. If no action or activities on a grid item place a dash instead of a check mark
4. So each item should have a check or a dash next to it; so there is at least some activity on each level
5. The dash items- assess whether these are still relevant to the overall goal or achievements you desire; perhaps the item needs to be updated, merged with another agenda item or eliminated as it just isn’t important to what you are trying to accomplish for 2012
6. The checked items- Congratulate yourself and Celebrate!
7. Checked items- identify what activity need to be tilled to sprout to fruition
Our goal or dreams are planted it's never too late to water, till and reap the rewards of harvest!

Time for me now to wish you a fabulous day:
Celebrating Spring and allowing your light to shine brightly around your lush new growth!