Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Funny how little things as a plug into a socket can bring up symbolism's of life. The other day I went to turn the lights on the bamboo tree in my office. Bending down, like I have so many other times, I flipped the switch.  Expecting the lights to immediately turn on imagine my surprise when the tree stayed dark.
My next move was to go to the light switch on the wall thinking I may have accidentally hit the switch leaving the office. Pressed the switch and still no glowing lights coming from within the branches of the tree. Once again, bent down and turned the switch on no light. Glancing over to the socket I did see, out of the corner of my eye, a plug in the socket. So I proceeded to go back to the switch on the wall, leaving the switch on the plant in the same position and pushed the wall switch. Nothing!

Bending down to assess the situation I noticed that though there was a plug in the wall socket. I also looked over to the multiple extension cord device, no plug. Fully satisfied that I had found the solution, I remembered I had pulled out the connection of the extension cord when leaving for several days last week.
I plugged the cord into the extension and immediately the light shined through the branches illuminating a soft glow into the room.

The light sparkled and illuminated the room creating a soft alluring atmosphere.

Then I got to thinking about how this situation could be a reflection of events in life.
The symbolism of being plugged into a situation, day to day life, business or perhaps an event going on in life around us. Plugged in but not connected, meaning being aware of all around us yet not really plugged into the core of the situation, not actively participating.

Here are some questions that I asked myself, perhaps these may resonate within for further exploration:
1.      Is there an area of my life that is not fully connected?  Where? (list)

2.      What activities in these areas of my life are not connecting? (list the activities under the areas)

3.      Are these areas/activities still relevant?  ( Yes/No)

4.      If yes, what is the next step to connect and be totally plugged in?

5.      If no, then you know what the next step needs to be and the timing.

Time for me now to wish you a fully connected week of illumination and sparkle!

“ Plug in, Connect and feel the warmth of illumination ignite an inner sparkle that transform” cl