Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Time For Me Now Inspiration - Inspiration

"My Inspiration"

My Inspiration was to create a place for others who were looking for something to change
perspective or to seek simple ways to incorporate a change, one word at a time.

My inspiration for using one word came through a technique called Dream Incubation. The inspiration would enable me to utilize my years of coaching, education, research and experiences to support others.

I am so grateful for Time For Me Now.... as everyone gets to a point where it is "Time for ......"

A powerful emotion, life changing experience, story, word or event that is a motive for change, new direction and expands creativity .
Inspiration puts that “fire in the belly” which results in new ideas as well as looking at the world, your life in a different way.
Inspiration brings to us new stories, a new book, art, movies, music, and dance. Inspiration can also bring us a new set of eyes to view the world, relationships, nature and evoking emotion to want to take ACTION!
Inspiration stimulates ideas, it can revitalize us and it can enrich our lives to live the life desired!
That feeling where you feel you could run up a mountain and overlook the world believing that “All is possible”
Samples of experiencing “Inspiration” include:
*      A softness of  the heart to possibilities where once was “can’t happen for me”
*      Messages that bring us tears, where tears never fell before
*      Dreams
*      A person overcomes a physical obstacle; motivation to take action to achieve
*      Where once was believed to be a challenge; is visualized as being accomplished
*      Exposure to less fortunate and desire to take action to make a contribution to impact others.
*      The desire to live a life of gratitude and appreciation

Inspiration has served each of us individually during different cycles of our lives. Inspiration has also served mankind in various segments of time.

Walt Disney, Mother Theresa, Michelangelo, Denise Linn, Albert Einstein, Steven Jobs, Martin Luther King Jr, Dr. Wayne Dyer are some examples of individuals who have inspired many as well as generations.

Inspiration can be heard through listening to your heart, what is your heart saying to get excited about?

Affirmation: Inspiration comes to me each day to live life full out!

Dream, Believe Again and Achieve all that you desire in Life!